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Online Audio Mixing Services

Musicians across diverse genres employ distinct methods to shape their unique sounds, yet they share a common element—mixing. Audio mixing involves the intricate fusion of recorded audio and vocal tracks through various musical techniques, including EQ, Compression, and Reverb.


The magic touch that elevates radio-ready music often comes from professional song mixing engineers, imparting a brilliance and clarity that can be challenging to attain in a home studio. Fortunately, contemporary artists have access to online audio mixing services like Mr Mix and Master, providing invaluable assistance in crafting polished, broadcast-quality songs.


At the forefront of this industry is Studio A.D., established by music producer / engineer A.D. Ross. Renowned as the premier online mixing service, Studio A.D. stands out for its unparalleled expertise and unmatched convenience, setting it apart from other audio mixing services in the market.




Online Vocal Mixing

As an audio engineer, A.D. knows how to give your vocal performance a professional shimmer. Your songs will sound better than ever with a few carefully applied techniques and plug-ins:

      • EQ: Effective vocal EQing targets specific frequencies to make room for your voice and prevent it from interfering with other instruments. A well-EQ’d song gives each element a home along the frequency spectrum.


       • Compression: A dynamic vocal performance is great, but compression optimizes your voice by increasing the level of your quietest moments and limiting your peaks. This way, every word is audible without clipping.


      • De-essing: Mics pick up a lot of sharp hisses from “s,” “z” and “sh” sounds. Pop filters minimize these nuisances, but a de-esser will provide an extra layer of protection against unpleasant sounds.


      • Delay and reverb: These effects create an ambient cushion that blends your vocals into the mix. Creative reverb and delay can work with your song’s themes and create a truly immersive listening experience.


      • Pitch shifting: If you miss a note by a hair or want to create a last-minute harmony, pitch-shifting alters the note you sang and pushes it to a specific note along the scale.


A single song mix using a professional mixing service normally starts at just $120, with prices based on turnaround time.  That doesn't include the final master.

Get in touch for a quote based on your project’s requirements as song mixing prices may vary. Our Vocal Mixing Service covers vocals and a track beat and final master, while a beat and instrumentation mix typically ranges from $100 to $200 depending on the number of stems.

If you are a producer with a beat already recorded and in the market for beat mixing services please referrer to the pricing below or get in touch today for an accurate quote.

Vocal Mixing & Mastering Prices

Standard 2-4 day turnaround.

• Less than 5 stems $100

• Less than 10 stems $140

• 1st track is FREE!

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