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  • How can I send you files?
    Files can be sent here through the order form or WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Email =
  • What are stems?
    Stems are the individual files that I need for the mix. For example the separate WAV files of Drums, Vocals, Ad-libs, strings, piano, etc. In this case we have 5 Stems.
  • Can you tune/pitch-correct the vocals?
    Yes, the mixing packages includes autotune if needed. Please make a note that you would like it on the order form.
  • Can I send you a project file?
    No! Please only send us the stem files in WAV format.
  • Can you re-arrange parts and move chorus parts etc.
    I do not do re-arrangements. This is a mixing & mastering service only.
  • Can you send me an MP3 version of my final master?
    Yes, each package includes the WAV and high quality MP3 file.
  • Do you still work with Killah Priest from Wu Tang?
    Yes, I do! I mix and master the majority of his recent music and I also produce his podcast on YouTube.
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